About Us

Medi2me is the leading online Pharmacy portal in Cochin (Kochi), Kerala. The concept is to provide medicines @ your doorstep with the comfort of home delivery.

All the products we distribute comply with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945, as well as any other applicable rules or amendments. We assure you that all of these products will meet your high standards, now and in the future.

We do home delivery of your medicines (subject to prescription verification by our registered pharmacists). Further, you can rest assure about the authenticity of the medicines with original receipts, good expiry date, and correct manufacture etc. We are here to provide the best experience in buying your medicine, whether it's for yourself or for your loved ones.

Medi2me.com is a highly functional and effective application which acts as a search engine which is free of cost and is easily accessible. This revolutionary step helps the consumers in choosing their medicines at the comfort of their homes, educating the consumers, providing them with the best alternative medicines to choose from. Moreover the consumers are better aware about new developments in the medicines by the blogs, health tips, medical articles etc.